Triangle Rotation

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消除游戏 Triangle Rotation是ipad上一款刚推出的消除类游戏。玩法很简单,当4个相同的动物在一起时便可以消除。喜欢这类游戏的朋友可以试试。游戏免费中。

This is a Tetris type game. Stick same kind of animals more than 4 together and make them disappear!

- Tap the screen to choose 3 different animals.
- Flick left to spin the 3 animals leftward.
- Flick right to spin the 3 animals rightward.
- They'll disappear when more than 4 animals which have to be a same kind stick together.
- One random kind of animal will all disappear when you touch the apple.
- Make them disappear as much as possible at the same time to make a high score.
- You'll get extra time to play when the clock comes out.
- Make a certain number of animals disappear to elevate to a next level, then the animals get more varied.
- Aim to make a high score on online ranking!

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